Fond Reflections Video 


"My dad thoroughly enjoyed the process of the interview...I think Fred's authentic warmth really set him at ease. During the whole process, Fred kept in constant communication with us, letting us know how things were going and asking us for whatever photos he thought would best compliment the stories that Dad had told him...I was very moved when I watched the "end product": my father on film, his face, chuckles, expressions, and stories captured for us to have always, just as he is. It is a treasure we will be forever grateful for! I have already recommended him to friends: such an opportunity!"

Jane Illades
Daughter of Interviewee

"Fred's manner was professional, yet personable, and the questions he asked were just right. My husband was completely at ease with him.. His selections of photographs to include in the DVD greatly enhanced the finished project. I think he has a rare gift in this area. George sat and laughed as he watched the finished DVD of himself, as if it were someone else being interviewed. It was delightful" 

Janet Tolman
Wife of Interviewee

"Thanks for the Memories! The recording session went smoothly, and the
resulting Fond Reflections video is treasured by my family."

Mack Gilkeson 
"The video Fred produced for our family has become a treasured companion to my father's written autobiography. The added dimension of seeing him speak "in-person" about his own life is beyond calculable value. I am thrilled that this video will allow future generations to experience his personality as he shares special events in his life that led him to the man he became. I would enthusiastically recommend Fred and his services to you, as you decide to preserve your own family's history."

Jo Anne Gilkeson-Powell
Daughter of Interviewee
It started as an opportunity for my sister and I to see our mom telling stories of her life on DVD.  It ended as a documentary not only of Mom’s life but also of our family history going back to her grandparents.  This was shared with many friends and family members and has become a legacy that relatives are sharing with and passing on to their children. Mom sat for 3 hours telling her life story with Fred’s guidance.  The results were fantastic with kudos from all who have seen it and far beyond any expectations.  Thanks Fred.  Christopher Cattell.
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